About us

Our expertise and creativity at your service.

As a result of decades of know-how and industrial expertise, our engineers and designers create innovative products under our brand AQUANEO and on OEM basis, recognized and praised for their quality worldwide. 

Mastering Technologies!

Technical knowledge covering raw materials as well as proficiency in all assembly technologies, plus awareness of user's evolution have allowed our company to develop “state of the art” products.
Our expertise is based on 3 main factors:
- Innovation ensured by closeness to our factories and proximity to our customers
- Knowledge of material (Drop Stitch, tarpaulin, polyester, hypalon, reinforced fabric and PVC),
- Mastering assembly technics: high frequency welding, heat bonding, gluing and sewing

European Headquarters in France: great reactivity!

Prompt deliveries with our permanent inventory located in France, professional, friendly and fast follow-up and a wide range of products allow us to assure that you will be at the forefront of the most innovative materials, products and production technologies all the year-round.


Whether you need a device for your waterpark slide, pool, lazy river or for any other water attraction, we have the product to meet your needs:
High frequency welded Single tubes, River tubes, Bullet tubes, Figure "8" tubes,
Heat bonded Single tubes, Pear tubes, Bullet tubes, Figure "8" tubes, Triple tubes, Family tubes
Rotomolded floats,
Racer and Speed mats,
Standard rafts & heavy duty rafts,
Our wide ‎range of inflatable tubes, mats and rafts is specifically designed to be used in Waterparks and the variety of ‎sizes, shapes and colors cover most of the standard worldwide requirements.‎
Our Waterpark products are designed to be used in professional waterpark/amusement facilities and under proper supervision only. They are not intended for private use.

Special manufacturing

Apart from our "standard" AQUANEO range, AQUATEC Europe proposes you also all kinds of special productions.

We proudly put at your service our 42 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing inflatable boats, kayaks, SUP, rafts and tubes for the marine and water leisure industry.

We take also pride in the numerous companies who have already entrusted us with their specialized developments.

We will work with you during all the phases of your project, including the inception, the design, the innovation, the manufacturing and the final adjustment of highly-advanced technical solutions.

If you do not find in our range the item you are looking for, please contact us and we will work with you to get exactly what you need.

The key of our success is your satisfaction.