Frequently Asked Questions

What is a waterpark?

A waterpark is an aquatic amusement park with a minimum of 1,000m2 of water space, with amenities such as slides, tubes and play features. Waterparks have become increasingly common and are a favorite source of recreation for many families. Modern waterparks offer a wide selection of special attractions including tube rides, wave pools and slow-moving and rapid rivers. Speed slides, mat rides, drops, swirling rides and children’s play areas are other examples of common waterpark attractions. 

What is a waterslide?

You can think of a waterslide as being like a rollercoaster—only wet, and with no safety belt or track. The force of gravity gets riders from the top to the bottom. Waterslides are often the most popular feature at a swimming pool and appeal to children of all ages. These days, waterslides are being made bigger and faster, with more fun features like twists, drops, and tunnels. Some waterslides require riders to sit or lie down directly on the slide or on an inflatable tube, raft, or a foam mat designed to be used with the slide.

How waterslides work?

You start out at the top of the waterslide and then you have some forces acting on you which cause you to accelerate, which means a change in velocity.
The forces acting on riders on a waterslide: gravity but also the friction between your body and the slide (or the tube you're on and the slide) and how the water interacts with the slide itself.
Water acts as a lubricant between you and the slide. But it also pushes you along like a river. So everything that happens to you on a waterslide, it's because of the forces of gravity and friction and the force coming from the interactions between the water and the slide.
That's true for straight sections of a slide, but on a serpentine slide—which whips riders back and forth along curves—there's something else called inertia. It's the resistance your body has to changing its speed. In other words, each time you reach a curve on a serpentine slide, your body tries to keep going forward.
Inertia is trying to take you through the waterslide and out. But instead, you go up the sides of the slides.

How to increase the lifespan of inflatable tubes?

Minimize drag: try to minimize the distance that your customers are required to carry tubes around the park. Most customers will simply grab a handle and drag tubes on the floor instead of carrying them. This cause tubes to wear out much faster and increases your replacement costs.
No sharp objects: check park and rides and ensure there are no sharp points or protruding edges, corners and rough surfaces. You can extend the life of your tubes by removing these hazards.
Do not over-inflate: over-inflation is the cause of most tube failures. A properly inflated tube still has wrinkles all around the tube to allow for air expansion. The air inside of a tube will expand throughout the day as the sun warms up. Ensure that your park operators are fully trained on proper inflation procedures.
Use shelters: when inflatables are not being used, store them out of direct sunlight. Try to have a covered area near rides to store tubes not being used.

What should I do about a missing or damaged product upon receipt?

We do everything possible to ensure that the products reach you in perfect condition. However, you must inspect the condition of your order upon delivery. If you notice that the package has some damages on the outside, we kindly ask you to notify the courier and mark it down on the delivery slip. Take also a picture and contact us immediately. 

What does the warranty cover?

Warranty shall be limited to the repairs or replacement. Products held to be defective shall remain at AQUATEC Europe’s disposal for at least one hundred twenty (120) days following the date of the request for implementation of warranty.
The warranty shall apply only after an examination of the product by AQUATEC Europe. Are excluded from the warranty any damages, injuries, claims due to a fault of the Buyer in the use or in the maintenance of the product or due to an accident or a malicious intent.

How to find tiny leaks on a tube?

Fully inflate the tube until it's hard to the touch. Put some liquid detergent in a bucket of water and scrub it all over the tube with rag, towel or big wash brush. Watch for tiny bubbles. When you find the first leak, mark it and keep looking. You might as well fix them all at the same time.

How to repair small punctures?

Holes and small punctures can be repaired simply without a patch. Deflate the tube, then clean and dry the area to be repaired. Apply a small drop of seam seal CS15 to cover the puncture and let dry for 12 hours. This repair might not be permanent so add a drop again at a later date to make it permanent. 

How to know if the tube or the raft is fully inflated?

AQUANEO tubes and rafts have their own recommended pressure for full inflation. You should always refer to our instructions for the designated pressure. Use an inflation gauge to ensure proper inflation or an electric pump which can be set to the recommended pressure and will shut off automatically once the product is fully inflated.

Does the color of the printing on the tube fade away with time?

Excessive use of pool chemicals can cause the color of the printing to fade away faster, like a heavy chlorinated public swimming will cause a bathing suit color to fade.

How does UV affect the materials used?

All PVC's degrade over prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight. AQUANEO tubes are manufactured with UV inhibitors to delay the degradation caused by sunlight.

What makes the AQUANEO products different than others?

We are proud to serve superior quality products and service at competitive price. Technical knowledge covering raw material as well as proficiency in all assembly technologies, plus consciousness of park and user's evolution have allowed our company to develop innovating and performing solutions such as heat bonded tubes for intensive use, complex CMYK printing, special shaped and customized tubes, rotational molded floats, rafts, mats, etc...

How do I deflate and store AQUANEO Inflatable Waterpark tubes?

Make sure the inflatable tubes are clean and totally dry before preparing for the storage.
Deflate the tubes by inserting a small plastic straw into the valve (not a rigid straw to avoid damages on the valve and material).
Make sure the tubes are totally empty of air.
Remove the plastic straw from the valve , before piling the tubes on each other. This is to prevent the valve from deforming.
Store the tubes flat (not folded), on a flat and clean surface, in a dry storage area, away from sun light.
The tubes can then be piled one on top of the other with maximum 20 tubes per pile.
Avoid excessive weight on the tubes, which may result in wrinkles and even other squeezes and pinch problems.
Do not store close to a heater or any source of excessive heat.
Ideal ambient storage temperature : between +5° Celcius and +20° Celcius. NEVER store the tubes in temperatures below 5° Celcius.
Make sure that no rodents (rats , mice….) can approach the tubes.

What to do if manufacturer's defect is detected?

While we take great pride in our process, mistakes and problems can happen. DO NOT throw your product away or ship it back to us (unless we agree otherwise), but immediately take the product out of service and write that date beside the "in service" date next to the valve for the tubes. Kindly provide us with photographs and a description of your issues for us to investigate and work with you to find an acceptable solution. We are determined to meet or exceed your expectations. Please refer to our after sales procedure. 

Where can the tubes, rafts and slide mats be used?

All the products have been designed for use in a well maintained and properly supervised water amusement facility. They are intended for use on water slides and where appropriate safety procedures are ensured. 

What are the weight restrictions for the inflatable tubes?

Our average size single tube can hold a full size adult weighing up to 100kgs, and 200kgs for the double tube. Please refer to the age restriction given by the attraction's builder for further guidance. If the attraction is meant for very young children, please restrict use to that age specification.

How do I know if I am purchasing the correct item?

Although our waterpark tubes, rafts and mats work great for a large variety of water slides, their size and shape shall primarily match the specifications given by the builder of each attraction.

How long can I expect an inflatable tube to last?

Our inflatable tubes are specifically designed for intense water activity. They can last between 1 to 5 seasons depending on intensity of use, compliance with instructions for use, inflation, maintenance and storage conditions, overall technical condition of the attraction/slide/flume/pool..., and general context of use. To get maximum lifespan out of your tubes, it is important to care for them properly. Contact us to learn more about our care and maintenance recommendations. 

What is High Frequency (HF) Welding?

HF welding (also known as Radio Frequency welding) is a manufacturing process where two plastic parts are welded together using an electromagnetic field. It uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to fuse the materials. It is a proven and very common industrial and mass production technology. It remains as of today the most economical technology on the market. 

What is Heat Bonding (HB) or Overlap assembly?

The assembly is made with a flow of very hot air and pressure at the 2 PVC sheets overlapping area. It is a hand-made technique combining craftsmanship and welding experience with high tech machines. 

What is Rotomolding (RM)?

Rotolmoding is a high-temparature molding process of plastic material charged into the cavity of a mold in order to replicate its inner shape.

What is the process for custom design?

Customized tubes, rafts and pool floats give great exposure to your water facility and/or sponsor. Whether you have a specific idea or are unsure of what you want, we will work closely with you to ensure the customized products will fit your requirements and budget. Ideally, we invite you to send us your printing files together with your requirements for us to quote in accordance.
Or give us some indications so that we can format them and submit some proposals to you. Please contact us.

What is the minimum order quantity for AQUANEO branded items?

We hold stock of all products in a standard configuration. Our products are packaged in master cartons. Minimum order quantity is the master carton. The quantities per master carton vary by item. We thus invite you to refer to the product technical data. The ordered quantity must be a multiple of the master carton delivery unit.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom design (MOQ)?

Custom sizes, materials, colours, logos, printings and accessories are available upon request with minimum order quantities (MOQ). We also offer custom shape design. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

What is the lead time for AQUANEO branded products?

We keep a permanent stock of standard products in our warehouse in France which allows us to be reactive and rapidly meet our customers’ needs.  All standard sizes and models of tubes, rafts and slide mats are available and ready for shipment all year round. We dispatch in 28 - 48 hours + delivery time stock items after your order and payment confirmation.

What is the lead time for AQUANEO branded products?

We keep a permanent stock of standard products in our warehouse in France which allows us to be reactive and rapidly meet our customers’ needs.  All standard sizes and models of tubes, rafts and slide mats are available and ready for shipment all year round. We dispatch in 28 - 48 hours + delivery time stock items after your order and payment confirmation.

How is printing on PVC tubes been made?

Silkscreen printing is recommended for designs of up to four spot colours, for example logos and simple graphic designs. Each color in your design needs its own screen. We will always try as much as possible to minimize the number of screens to help save you money. For more complex printouts such as photographs or designs with gradations, digital printing will be used. Any changes made to an image (resizing, adding, removing, or changing text, etc.) requires new screens.

How much does a custom design cost?

Prices for custom design are on demand only. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Note that sponsorship by known brands with their logos/printings on the tubes can help minimize or even fully subsidize the costs of your private label tubes. 

What are the artwork requirements and file formats?

Our goal is to make your tubes look amazing. This requires a tidy logo. Please send us your artwork in vector format with all fonts outlined. The most common vector file formats are .ai and .eps. For more information,  or if you are unable to provide the correct file type, we are at your disposal, contact us. 

Are shipping costs included?

Shipping costs are not included in the piece price of your order. We are happy to include a shipping estimate in your order quotation.

Can I recycle AQUANEO tubes?

To offer you all the guarantees of comfort and safety, we use resistant, recyclable and phthalate-free materials subject to chemical and physical controls, in order to comply with European Community and international standards. Whether it is flexible PVC, handles or valves, their compositions allow optimal recycling.
If you want to dispose of your waterpark tubes while being concerned about the environment and regulations, you will find on the site the list of recyclers accredited by RECOVINYL throughout Europe.