Our high-performance electric inflators inflate and deflate any tube, raft or inflatable structure very rapidly. They are fast, easy to use and delivers a high volume of air at a safe pressure. Our electric inflators are lightweight and compact, you can easily move them around to most any location making it ideal for emergency on-site inflations.
The GE230/2000 electric inflator comes with a booster to increase flow and pressure. The two motors can work in parallel or the main motor operates alone: this choice is possible by means of the two starting buttons (orange and red). Our electric inflators come with multiple adapters and connect to a 220-volt power source.

There are many different adhesives & glues available that can be used to stick PVC material but to achieve a strong and long lasting bond, the correct PVC adhesive or PVC glue needs to be used.
We recommend to repair PVC tubes with CS15 glue.
CS15 is a strong and flexible PVC adhesive as well as a great adhesive and sealant for other materials.
Watch our step-by-step videos
to repair PVC tubes.
  • CS15 Repair Adhesive is excellent for repairing anything that needs to be waterproof or airtight.Flexible when cured. It is ideal for fixing leaks and small cuts. 15g Tube.
  • Electrical inflator/deflator 230V. Air high volume and pressure, which is sufficient to reach the correct pressure in every kind of tubesand/or inflatable structures.Technical characteristics:Operating voltage: 230V-50HzMaximum power: 1100 WPressure: 3,3PSI (230mBar)Maximum flow rate: 1500 litres per minNet weight: 3,00kgDimensions: Ø16,5 x h27cmProvided...
  • Electrical inflator 230V. This device has been specifically designed to inflate/deflate large inflatables. Technical characteristics:Operating voltage: 230V-50HzMaximum power: 2000 WPressure without booster: 3,8PSIPressure with booster: 7,4PSIMaximum flow rate: 2000 litres per minNet weight: 4,40kgGross weight: 5,35kgDimensions carton: 40x22,5x33cm
  • Electrical inflator 230V. This device has been specifically designed to inflate/deflate large objects. Technical characteristics:Operating voltage: 230V-50HzMaximum power: 1000 WMaximum pressure: 250/3,6 mbar/psiMaximum flow rate: 1700 litres per minNet weight: 1,6kgGross weight: 2,1kgDimensions carton: 15x16x17cm
  • Digital Pressure Gauge with Bottom Connector and Rubber Protector. Intuitiv display, easy to read. It can switch into 4 pressure units:Psi, Bar, Kg/cm2, Kpa (0~100 PSI, 0~7 BAR, 0~7 KGF/CM², 0~700 KPA). Display method:LCD (40x20mm Full view) with backlight. It just need to be set pressure unit before use.Power Supply:2 x LR03 AAA 1.5V (not...