HD-HB2F8-48-O - Heavy double tube

Double tube in "8" figure 176x111cm in 1mm PVC material. Inside hole: diameter 42cm. Extra strong gusset 10cm with double inside seam. Smooth weldings for greated comfort. Intended for intensive use. Five handles. Colour (PVC/printing): orange/black.

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Dimensions inflated and in CM
Texte type dimension Dimensions inflated and in CM
Technology High frequency welding (HF – High Frequency)
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Internal diameter 42
External length 176
External width 111
Max. capacity 2
Weight in kg 5.3
Nbr of handles 5
Quantity per master 4
Category Double Tubes 8
Assembling Heat Bonding (HB)
Diamètre extérieur en pouces 48
Diamètre extérieur en centimètre 111
Color Orange
Number of Users 2
Others Heavy Duty
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Our handles Nouvelle poignée ergo noire
Our valves Push-in flexible safety valve
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