HB-5SQ-102Y-H032 LG - 5 person low gravity tube with soft bottom

5 person tube outside diameter 259cm in 1mm PVC material. Equipped with foam bottom seats for comfortable sitting. Hot air overlap welding for increased resistance. Smooth weldings for greated comfort. Intended for intensive use. Equipped with 10 ergonomic handles. Colour (PVC/printing): yellow/blue. Proslide approved vehicles.

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Dimensions inflated and in CM
Texte type dimension Dimensions inflated and in CM
Technology Heat Bonding (HB – Heat Bonding or Hot Overlap)
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External diameter 295
Max. capacity 5
Weight in kg 20
Nbr of handles 10
Handles position 10+2
Quantity per master 1
Nbr of air chamber 1
Category Family Tubes
Assembling Heat Bonding (HB)
Diamètre extérieur en pouces 76
Diamètre extérieur en centimètre 259
Color Yellow
Number of Users 5
Others Tubes with Bottom
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Our handles Nouvelle poignée ergo bleue HFUN
Our valves White Boston Valve HY-435B
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