Type of products

Custom sizes, materials, colours, logos, printings and accessories are available upon request with minimum order quantities (MOQ) and specifically determined delivery terms.

Custom logo & printing

We can work from your existing plans, or help design your project. We can customize just about any PVC tubes. If you need a special size or shape currently not available in our assortment, need a special color or printing design, we will work with you on the desired item. We can also modify our existing AQUANEO branded products to meet your requirements. However, these products require more design, manufacturing and shipment lead time than the standard models. The delivery time for private label/customized products can vary according to complexity of the product and the quantities, but it takes usually between 2 and 5 months. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Sponsorship by known brands with their logos/printings on the tubes can help minimize or even fully subsidize the costs of your private label tubes.





Handles for rafts


Safety push-in valve

Large boston screw valve
High pressure valve

Price, quantity & lead time

Contact us to find out more about our prices, order quantity and lead time.

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